Is your business in good health?

In January, most people are thinking about health and as they follow through their new year resolutions to eat better, exercise more, meditate, etc. Taking stock of your personal health is important, and so is taking stock of your business health. As the year kicks off, consider taking the High Growth Ready for 2018 Health Check to determine if there are any areas of improvement you should be focusing on for your company in 2018.

Our health check focuses on these four key areas:


Your employees bring your business to life. Taking care of your employees is like taking care of your physical self. You need to know that your employees are engaged, productive, delivering results and excited about the future. But, like your physical health, you need to put some energy and effort into getting them there. Maybe 2018 is the year you revamp your reward structure, introduce new HR policies like flexible hours or unlimited holiday time, or just invest in ongoing continued health through team building and regular, consistent feedback.


Consideration for your core customers should drive decisions you make in every other aspect of your business. After all, you can have the greatest products, services, strategies, etc. but without customers who appreciate and refer you, your business is not sustainable. So, don’t neglect your customers in 2018; work hard to understand them and their needs, and you’ll reap the benefits


These are like the “mind” of your business; you need to continuously think about the right operations and systems so that you can scale your business for the future. You should always be continuously improving your processes so that you don’t create unnecessary confusion and wasted resources as you grow.


Not only do you need to have the right product or service and marketing/sales strategy for supporting your current sales goals, you also have to consider new sales growth ideas for the future.

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