What The Best Performers Have In Common

Where do you believe greatness is achieved? Is it in the work that we do in front of others? Or is it in the preparation that leads us to greatness?

Our energy, effort and focus are 100% in our control. It is the work that we put into utilising these aspects of our preparation that makes the difference. Take any professional athlete or top business professional, do you think they solely operate off of natural talents or do you believe hard work and discipline drive their success?

Creating A Routine That Works For You

The greatest athletes and business professionals have a very powerful attribute in common: They have staggering discipline during the unseen hours. The power of a morning routine can make all the difference, and the combination of the physical and mental preparation during these hours can lead to dynamic growth and success.

Research shows that the most highly successful people wake up very early in the morning.

What time do you currently wake up?

Alot of articles in the media today focus on what time you should wake up in order to be successful. I don’t believe in the type of coaching where someone tells somebody what they need to do. Identify the right behaviours for you that will put you in a position to be mentally prepared to take on your day. The most important aspect of this is choosing a new time to get up. The choice is yours. Think about what time you currently wake up and ask yourself the question: What if you got up 15 minutes earlier? Thirty minutes earlier? Start building your habits to wake up more intentionally and understand how it will impact your performance.

Carving Out More Preparation Time

If you take the example of somebody waking up 30 minutes earlier for five work days in a week, that individual would have an additional two and a half hours per week to prepare. That’s 10 additional hours a month, over an extra work day of time to improve your performance. The individuals who are organised and focused throughout their mornings are prepared to take on the day and face challenges, as well as create victories. Your next level is all about identifying your ideal morning to put yourself on a path to perform, regardless of any obstacles and challenges that come your way.


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