A Different Perspective on Goal Setting….

It is strange how New Year’s has taken on a special significance for most of us, as if a calendar or certain date has more meaning or somehow is better suited for some things than any other date.

Over the last few weeks it seems most people I have come across have spent time reflecting and setting resolutions, making commitments about diets, money issues, relationship goals and career changes geared towards January 1. Why do we habitually wait until the beginning of a new year to do our thinking, planning and resolving?

It seems to me that having what we want in life is not based on one giant decision or resolution that is made one time each year. Looking at our collective experiences, we know this strategy does not work… if it did, none of us would have ever made the same resolution more than once and we would all have a 100% track record on the achievement of our New Year’s resolutions.

What we want in our life, whether it is health, financial or relationship related is a result of a never ending stream of consistent decisions. The first decision is the easy one. It is the subsequent reinforcing small decisions made day to day that are the ones we struggle with and which ultimately sabotage our dreams.

Anyone can make the decision one time. Sadly, our goals are never achieved with one giant huge decision, but rather with the daily decisions that continuously reinforce the initial decision.

How often do you need to remake your decisions? As often as required to have what you want.

Achieving your goals is NOT a problem of goal setting. We are goal setting experts. It is an issue of continuous, consistent decision making.

At whatever point in your life you get clarity on what you want, whether that be New Year’s Eve or August 1, make the decision to keep making the decision for as long as it takes to achieve the goal. Then make the decision again.

Achieving your goals and dreams is only the first step. Sustaining that success is the real end game.

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