5 Clues To Identify Your Unique Ability

Each of us is entirely unique—from our experiences, to our skillset, to motivates us. However, what’s interesting is how many of us downplay this because we’ve never learned to acknowledge our individual talents.

Identifying your Unique Ability and putting language around it so you can articulate your “why” isn’t always easy—it requires looking deeper.

Here are six tips to guide you on the way to identifying your Unique Ability:

You love to do this everywhere

Your Unique Ability is a combination of the things you’re really good at and also have a superior passion for. However, don’t restrict yourself to thinking of it just in terms of work.

Stretch yourself beyond that and think of the ways you create value at home, at school, and with family and friends.

It shines in many different situations and opportunities.

Look for and pay attention to the activities and habits that come naturally to you and that stand out in many different situations.

Your Unique Ability you’ve been doing since childhood.To some degree, you’ve been doing things this way since you were a kid. Look to your parents, siblings, teachers, or anyone who knew you when you were younger for insight.

Other people count on you for these special talents.What things do other people always count on you for? Look to those as clues to identifying your Unique Ability.

The ways that you positively impact people are the things they’ll consistently come to you for.

You can get better and better at this for your whole life

Understanding and honing your Unique Ability is a process that will continue throughout your entire life. The more you use it, the more you’ll sharpen it, and the more you’ll understand its impact

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