Secrets of Apple

PC World recently reported that Apple’s app store has over 100,000 apps to choose from. Some are free, some are for sale, but one thing’s for sure – that’s a lot more apps compared to competitors’ app stores.

But are they all quality apps?

Apple can brag all it wants about its 100,000 apps, but according to AppsFire, an app tracking and sharing service, people only use a few of the apps offered. The 2,000th app barely has any active installs on iPhones. This means a majority of apps created are unused.

While this doesn’t take anything away from Apple and the app store’s success, it does beg the question: how many apps are good, quality apps?

This applies to companies because the point of every business is to provide quality products or services. No company wants to provide shoddy products or services – they won’t last long if they do.

Apple is a successful company, but with other competitors entering the market, like Verizon Wireless’ Droid, can their app store outdo Apple’s app store? If they provide less apps available to the public, but they’re higher quality, will it go further than Apple’s? Remember, there are so few of Apple’s apps actually in use.

Quality vs. quality is always a big factor of business. How can you produce more quality services and products in your business?

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