Flexibility and choice – the new way of working


As we get closer to what we hope is the end of the pandemic, businesses are faced with a new challenge: how to bring people back to work. It’s not a small thing to consider when and how to get your team back in the office safely or, whether that’s something you should do at […]

Are you a “yes” person?


I often work with clients who are too accommodating to others, resulting in personal frustration and lack of progress.  Not surprisingly, saying “yes” all the time makes you feel stressed and allows others to value your time even less. If you say “yes” often enough, people will come to expect it which becomes a self […]

Habits not to bring back to the office post-pandemic


As the pace of vaccinations continues to accelerate, employers are spending a lot of time determining how to safely bring people back into the office. However,  health and safety measures are not the only aspects of workplaces that need to evolve. Leaders should use this opportunity to depart from office norms that no longer serve […]

The mental downtime your brain needs…

The mental downtime your brain needs…

Over the past few decades, it has become clearer that being “on” 24/7/365 is not a recipe for success. Discussions about work life balance and the need to take holidays are signs that we understand that getting away from work is important for mental and physical health. However, it I also useful to dig a little more […]

How to build a healthy balance between reflection and action


According to the Havard Business Review, research in call centres showed that employees who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting on the lessons learned performed 23% better after ten days than those who did not reflect. Reflecting is a critical but often forgotten task. Upon meeting Warren Buffett, Bill Gates was […]

How to maximise the effectiveness of your weekly leadership team meeting


Here are some ideas to up level you’re your weekly leadership team meeting: Meeting Team Size For the most effective weekly team meeting, your weekly leadership meeting team should consist of 8-10 people. If your group is too large, consider who truly should be part of the leadership team meeting. Your goal is to avoid unproductive […]

What are the dynamics of a high performance team?


A lot of the work done at Google, and in many organisations, is done collaboratively by teams. The team is the unit where real production happens, where innovative ideas are conceived and tested, and where employees experience most of their work. But it’s also where interpersonal issues, ill-suited skill sets, and unclear group goals can […]

How to become more productive….


If you’re waiting for circumstances or other people around you to “make you” be productive, you’ll be waiting a long time. Productivity comes from you, inside out. As a coach, I have worked with many leaders helping them instil the habits that them more productive each and every day. Here are five of my top […]